Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I heard a funny thing on the radio....

Three thirty a.m. travelling up the Elland bye pass in a (horrible) hire truck earlier this week listening to the world service on the radio. There was a feature about the spread of AIDS in Africa.
(I know it doesn't sound funny, but bear with me!)
The (female) health worker was talking to a (male) interviewer about how they are encouraging the use of the female condom to try to limit the spread of the virus, as many men were unwilling to use condoms themselves, and this gave women more control. The interviewer pointed out that despite these efforts, use of the female condom was much less widespread than that of the male condom.
"Do you think" he asked "that the use of the female condom will ever catch up with that of the male condom, or do you think it will remain a niche market."!

I nearly crashed me truck laughing!

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Anne said...

ROFL!!! Brilliant!