Sunday, November 06, 2005

the scarf

There, done!

In fact I sweated blood over this scarf. I think this was the third attempt and I nearly gave up on this one too. I HATE chennille! There's just no "give" in it, so knitting into the back of the stitch was a complete pain in the butt. Once I was past that though it was okay.

I'm pleased with the finished object tho' even if it does look like a clown collar! I will probably try another one but NOT in chennille! Fancy one with a fluffy edge. I was considering a picot edge on this but couldn't remember how to do it and was at Ro's this weekend so didn't have my knitting resources to hand.

Bye the way did I tell you I picked up Montse Stanley's "Handknitters Handbook" for £2.95 at the second hand market in Huddersfield? Wot a bargain, it's fab. If you see it, get it!

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Anne said...

I just got my Montse Stanley's "Handknitter's Handbook" from eBay (not as cheap as yours though) - it's excellent. (I also got her "Knitting Plus" about embroidering knitting - much less useful I thought, and "Knitting - how to design for a perfect fit" - which looks extremely good (some stuff is a little dated of course, but the basics should work.)

And I like the scarf a lot - I will make a mental note not to use chenille when I finally let myself do one though!