Friday, November 25, 2005

Thursday's adventures.

Well now, before I start on the Harrogate show here is the hipknits silk which I got through the post yesterday. It's my prize for the 'photo competition on the Knitspeak site. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to Hazel of Knitspeak and to Kerrie from Hipknits for this lovely lovely yarn.

I've been fondling it since it arrived (Hazel says that's okay and it's normal to be a yarn perv.)! I think it's going to have to be a Clapotis. Haven't made one yet but I do want to. Probably won't start till the new year as so many pressies to be getting on with first.

............ here's the ill gotten gains from me trip to Harrogate yesterday. There was something else but I've posted it off to ...... no I can't say.

I think I've been quite restrained really. A lot of what's there is earmarked for Christmas presents. I was intending to buy a swift, but alas I didn't see a stall with any on.

The actual journey to Harrogate was a bit of a pain in the proverbial, had to do the ring road round Bradford which is never good, and the last mile or so into Harrogate took AGES. Christmas shoppers probably. (sorry, I'm trying not to use the C word, but it keeps slipping out).

The car park at the conference centre was horrible, and crowded and when I managed to find a space and buy a ticket I was just about to leave when I noticed that it had a sign saying it was reserved. I had to decide if I should try to find another space or take the risk of leaving it there. Decided to risk it.

I found the place where the show was and caught one of the security people and asked if it was okay to leave my car where it was, I think he could tell that I was on the point of hysteria so he checked it out and told me it was okay.

When I got into the actual show though it was worth it, loads of lovely stalls with beautiful things to spend LOTS of money on. As I've already said, I think I was pretty restrained. I shot round quickly once taking it all in, then did a more leisurely circuit buying stuff (well organised or what?).

It wasn't until I left that I realised that I'd gone in the wrong way. I went to go up the escalator that I'd come down on and there was a sign saying "conference delegates only". Anyway I ignored it and carried on, luckily the security guy at the top was busy telling two other people that they couldn't go that way, so I just swept past looking as if I knew where I was going.

It was well worth going, and many thanks to Ling for letting me have the ticket.


Ro said...

The other stuff was silk. Lovely colours for me to spin. It's fab!

ra said...

glad you liked it chick, send me a pic an I'll post it up.

KnitYoga said...

Love the colour of the Hip knits silk and looks like you enjoyed Harrogate after a bit of a stressful beginning (parking). Nice Harrogate purchases, too!