Friday, November 11, 2005

Mmmmmmm stash!

Just got back from a drivers' meeting at work. I went in specially for it as I don't work on a Friday, and I nearly didn't manage to drag myself out for it 'cos the weather was so filthy and I was feeling lazy. But I did and it was quite good fun.

One of the drivers got the piss ripped out of him because he set off for West Wales yesterday morning in THE WRONG TRUCK! Didn't realise until he got to his first drop that the truck he was driving was empty!! Now when I first started driving I heard a number of horror stories of drivers who took an empty truck, or a truck with the wrong load on it out by accident, so I always make a point of looking in the back to make sure it has the right pallets on it (at least at the back!). How on earth he managed to drive it up the Elland bye pass (quite steep) without noticing that it was pulling better than an fully loaded truck ought to I can't imagine, he must have been asleep still!

Ah well, all the other drivers got a laugh out of it!

Went to LYS this morning and did a BAD thing, yup more yarn. Sixteen balls of various shades of Debbie Bliss aran tweed @£2,50 a ball. Yippee! I also managed to pick up seven balls of Lee Target Motoravia(!?) 4 ply pure new wool at a charity shop next to one of my drops in Bristol on Tuesday. Seven balls of that and two of mohair for £1.99. I love charity shops!

There was a big pile of yarn in the hospice shop this morning too, and I got all excited, but on closer inspection it all turned out to be acrylic in naff colours so I didn't bother and just bought two crochet hooks. Probably just as well. I believe that buying yarn is addictive, god help me when I go to Harrogate the week after next. Eternal gratitude to the lovely Ling who sent me a ticket that she'd not been able to use for the show at Ally pally.

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