Sunday, November 20, 2005


one finger scarf in Adriafil Graphic & Adriafil Decor (one third of a ball of Graphic & whole ball of Decor). Took about half an hour to make.
Detail of scarf.
Second finger scarf made with another third of same ball of Graphic and a different ball of Decor.
More detail of first scarf.
Gracie modeling scarf no. 2

Ro's Moebus scarf made with a ball and a bit of Adriafil Softy on no. seven circular.

All done last night whilst watching the rugby internationals.


Miss Janelle said...

What is a finger scarf? Is it just the name or do you actually knit it with your fingers? Is this a silly question?

ra said...

you actually knit with your fingers. I tried to write an explanation but without diagrams it's just impossible. Try doing a search on finger knitting on google, if you don't find anything come back and I'll try to help over the weekend.