Saturday, November 26, 2005

How I love to make life difficult

... well I realised that one of the kits I bought on Thursday required that I have a pair of 15mm

needles and a pair of 19mm needles. Of course I don't have them. I suspect that the wool stall on the indoor market doesn't either, they never seem to have anything else I want. And no way was I prepared to drive into town on a Saturday to find out


I drove to Wicks instead and bought some dowel, you can see in the picture my first attempt at making a pair of knitting needles.

Off to use them now whilst watching the All Blacks cream Scotland, wish me luck.


KnitYoga said...

Looks like you've done a pretty good job on those needles. Wish I was so adventurous. I'm seriously impressed!

Sharon J said...

Hiya. Thanks for visiting my blog. I had to nip over and see what you're up to and have to say you sound just like me because I wouldn't bother to drive down to town just to find out that my local yarn shop or the indoor market stall don't have what I need. They never do :( In fact, I don't think they've actually heard of "wool" because all they seem to carry is nasty acrylic stuff. Cheap but not necessary cheerful.

Shame your socks didn't turn out how you'd expected. Such is the life of a knitter, eh?