Sunday, October 09, 2005

It never rains....

..but it pours. Got in the car to go shopping, turned the key and it went "phut" (yes that's phut, keep it in mind). No ignition, no lights, no camera and certainly NO action.

"Aha" thinks Ra "fuse!"

So I changed the fuse. No joy.

Every so often whilst this was going on the radio spontaneously burst into life!

Well that's the extent of my knowledge of the electrical system on my car so I'm reduced to calling my breakdown service (luckily have homestart, unluckily now lose my no claims discount when renewing. RATS).

Call breakdown service, nice man on other end of the 'phone takes my details, I describe what's happened and promises to send someone out.

"Bye the way" he says " How do you spell foot?"


"How do you spell foot? You said it went foot, how do you spell it?"

Ha Ha!

Turns out my battery is past it's sell by date, so trip to Kwik Fit and sixtytwo quid later and I'm back on the road. Oh well, at least it happened on a Sunday afternoon before everything shut and not two thirty on Tuesday morning when I get up to go to work. (Fingers crossed and touch wood as I say that, after all there are still lots of things that can go wrong at two thirty on Tuesday morning).

I even got to Sainsburys before they shut.

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