Sunday, October 16, 2005


Well I didn't go to ally pally this weekend, but I did go on an expedition. So here's the pics:

After winning her spinning wheel on ebay last week (and receiving it on Thursday) Ro wanted to go to the Alpaca Spinner in Rockingham to buy carders and a lazy kate and stuff. So on Saturday morning off we went.
These are pictures of Rockingham and of the shop; very quaint. Linzi who owns the shop is a real enthusiast and was full of helpful information and advice. She gives spinning lessons as well as running the shop and was helping someone out who had had lessons from her when we arrived. So we got a free demonstration of spinning alpaca wool.

We spent the best part of the morning there and Ro came away with her lazy kate and five spare bobbins, a niddy-noddy and some gorgeous merino rovings. The latter as Linzi didn't have any carders in stock having sold the last pair, so she's getting some in for her.

We also discovered that the wheel had the tensioner missing so we had to find something we could use for the Scotch tension. Luckily I found just the thing. Unfortunately I can't get blogger to upload the picture so you'll just have to wait for that one!

After we got home and had some lunch we photographed the spoils and while Ro set the wheel up and sorted stuff out I failed to get on with my cardi being under attack from Ro's patented anti knitting device, better know as Gracie.

We did manage to get some spinning done and I will post more pics when Blogger is feeling less tired and emotional. I'm quite keen on learning to spin but I MUST NOT GET ANY MORE STUFF! So I'm going to have to do it at Ro's. (Haven't told her this yet!)


w said...

Hi the link for the knitting site is

Ro said...

Ha! So you want to use my stuff! You can have ago at picking over a fleece if you like. And no, I don't mind creepy crawleys and yes I prefer to spin 'in the grease'. Yuk!