Saturday, October 22, 2005

It's binna long week

and not a very good one.

Well not to start off with anyway. I told you that I was going to court because I'd been attacked by a dog. On Monday morning I had to drive in to Leeds to get to the court. After waiting in the witness room for about an hour and a half (this after a year of waiting for the case to come to court) the prosecution barrister came and told me that the CPS wouldn't be presenting any evidence.

It would seem that because the women who claimed to be the owner of the dog wasn't the person who actually let the dog out (it was her daughter in law), she was not responsible for it getting into my garden and attacking me. The fact that the dog is dangerous is apparently not relevant as long as it's kept under control, and it wasn't her fault that it wasn't under control at the time of the attack.

So no case. They can continue to keep a dangerous dog in the garden next to mine. The fence is high enough to keep it in, but it's escaped once and I've no doubt that one day it will escape again. If it gets a child next time the damage it does will be more serious.

Ah well such is life.

On to better things. My cardigan continues to grow. Have finished the back and both sides of the front and started on the sleeves which I'm knitting both together. I did this with the fronts as well and all was going swimmingly till I realised that the decreases at the neck weren't the same for each side. So what with different decreases for each side on the neck and decreasing for the armholes too I got into a bit of a mess. In the end I gave up and frogged back to the neck cast off and finished the fronts one at a time. Problem solved. I have no pictures of the work in progress but I'll put one up of the finished article soon.

Another of the better things is that I received my ball of Noro Shinano which I bought on ebay from Purlyqueen. It's a lovely bluey purpley greyish colour and very soft. Another scarf perhaps? Still no advice on the Moebus scarf forthcoming, I'll just have to suck it and see.

On to the end of the week and my trip to Cambridge / Essex / Suffolk. Actually I only dipped my toe into Suffolk on the second day of the run, but it's lovely isn't it? I went to a little village called Stoke by Nayland, and due to some confusion in the A to Z I turned left at the crossroads instead of turning right in the direction where the shop I was delivering to was. After driving a couple of hundred yards I realised I'd gone wrong, so I had to pull over (when I found room) and walk back until I found the post office. This was at half six in the morning and it's pitch black; no street lights in Stoke by Nayland. I then had to reverse back to where the shop was. Great fun. Narrow street, parked cars, pitch black, eighteen ton truck. Incidentaly there's FAR more traffic about at that time in the morning than one would imagine. All those bloody commuters living the rural life and driving into London every day to work no doubt. (oops just alienated at least half of my potential readership.)

Such is the life of a truck driver, give us a kind thought and a wide berth next time you see us performing unfeasible manouvers in strange places!

The rest of the run was fairly uneventful but the A1 has to be THE most boring road in the country. It was okay on the way down early on Thursday morning but on the way back up on Friday afternoon it was deadly. Finally drew in to the yard at ten past six after a twelve hour day (fourteen on Thursday). Gawd I'm shattered.

Lastly a word of advice, try to avoid parking up in the lorry park in the centre of Colchester, and if you must do it, take ear plugs. It seems to be a favourite haunt of boy racers on an evening (and past midnight). Luckily I always take ear plugs with me so was relatively okay.

here's a pic of the wide and beautiful Cambridgeshire sky at a disused airfield between Little Walden and Hadstock. I went there to do a pick up.
Apologies to the inhabitants of Hadstock, who I'm sure are delighted that they have trucks driving through their tiny village. (Unless of course they are aforementioned commuters, in which case I don't care).

Just occurred to me that this is not a million miles away from Constable country, which explains a lot skywise.

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