Sunday, October 23, 2005

Well everyone else is doing it....

So you type "your name needs" into your search engine and list the ten most entertaining things that come up. I tries my whole name and found I didn't need anything, so then I just did my first name and this is the result.

Rachel needs help when she enters Manhattan's meat-packing district to help three transvestite hookers find out who murdered one of their friends .......Hmm, interesting

Rachel needs £5000 can't disagree with that.

Rachel needs to buck-up. God that's spooky, straight from one of my school reports.

Rachel needs to have blush that is very bright and colorful. in order presumably to look like a clown?


Rachel Needs Fucking Now no comment!

Rachel needs to be responsible for her own behavior well, if you say so you're probably right.

Rachel needs time to chill out Oh yes!

Rachel needs to learn to edit herself a little Well, she's got the list down from seventeen to ten so she's not doing too badly.

Rachel needs to borrow some chairs No no no, got far too much stuff already

So there you go.

Last night I was knitting my cardigan when I got to the end of a row, put the knitting down on the settee, went into the kitchen and got a yoghurt, came back and ate the yoghurt, went to carry on with my knitting and the loose needle had disappeared! I've pulled the cushions off the settee, looked under the settee, tidied all the rubbish off the floor, I even looked in the fridge (it has been known!). I can't find the damned thing ANYWHERE! It's driving me crazy! Luckily I have more 4mm needles so I can carry on knitting but WHERE HAS THE BLOODY THING GONE?



Experience tells me that you will never find it but its twin will always taunt you 'find him, find him' so you will never get rid of the twin in the hope that one day, one fine day, the other one WILL turn up!

C x said...

Or carrying on from what purl power said if you DO ditch the needle you have, the other one will turn up.

I mostly use circs these days so its not a problem that I have now. Instead, the whole flipping things goes missing. Usually its as a result of a drunken b/f wrapping it around his head so the points stick out either side of his ears and crying "Look ! I'm from star treck!"

Yeah great.

Ling said...

My things go missing becos I have two gremlins(kids) who are very adept at hiding things! Also it's a great reason to buy more things!

I have a ticket for the Knitting & stitching show which is valid for the show in Harrogate and York. Just wondering if you would like to go as you missed out on going to Ally Pally. Drop me a line on