Thursday, October 13, 2005

No knitting

no pics anyway, I have been knitting a bit. Getting on with the back of me cardi'. But a blog needs pictures so here's one of Bristol.
Now you probably all think I'm some kind of psycho taking pictures whilst I'm driving BUT in my defence;
a) I was stationary (see light's on red), out of gear and handbrake on and
b) The beauty of a digital camera is that you don't have to look through the viewfinder when taking a picture.

That being said I don't honestly recommend it.

I took this a while back when it was still sunny and warm, though it does look a bit overcast on this one. I'm working on a series and am hoping some of them may get into our catalogue showing some of the fun places we get to.

I haven't been driving this week as I've had a bit of cystitis.
Still able to work but the thought of being any distance away from a convenient loo was not appealing. So I've spent four days at work; two in the warehouse and two in the office. It's been the longest week in ages and I'm still only doing four days! Driving certainly breaks the week up.

Next week I won't be driving my run 'cos I have to go to court on Monday and possibly Tuesday as well. Last year almost to the day I was attacked in my back garden by a neighbour's alsatian dog. If I had the 'photo's the police forensic photographer took pf my legs I'd post them. Talk about psychedelic!!!

Anyway after a year of delays and messing about the case has finally come to court and I'm really not looking forward to it.

So next week I'm filling in for another drivers run on Thursday and Friday and will be traveling down to Cambridge and all points easterly so if you're in East Anglia and you see a woman with a digital camera driving a truck, that'll be me. Please smile and wave.

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