Sunday, October 30, 2005

Not much to report

Bin suffering all week from a bit of a stinky cold but have been soldiering on anyhow (snuffle).

Gasps of amazement at ra's stoicism and courage!


This pic has no relevance at all to this weeks news, I just like it. I took it earlier in the year whilst I was on a walk to the farm to buy some eggs.

I was considering time off work but what with it being half term and another driver breaking his ankle last week when he came down off his truckbed and landed awkwardly on the edge of the kerb, we've been a bit pushed to have enough drivers to cover all the runs that have to go out. So I was very brave and went to Bristol anyway.

In actual fact it wasn't too bad, the run was particularly light this week and I still managed to get a decent nights sleep Tuesday despite the snot (sorry).

Of course discovering I had a bulb out on the truck at 2.45am on Tuesday was a bit of a bummer, and discovering that once I'd found a screw driver and taken the damn thing out, there weren't any spare bulbs in transport was slightly irritating. But shucks, these things happen.

It's funny that despite being ill I was able to drive for long periods without endangering life (well no more than usual anyway) and unload large quantities of wholefoods without keeling over BUT when I got into the office on Thursday I might as well have stayed in bed for all the use I was.

On however to things knitted. I've been very good and have finished the sleeves on my cardigan and grafted the shoulder seams. The reason that I've started blogging is that I now have to pick up and knit for the ribbing round the neck. Now I'm not very good at that, I don't seem to pick the stitches up evenly and I get funny lumps and things. The other problem I have is that although one side of the cardigan is different from the other the instructions still tell me to pick up the same number of stitches down both front sides. I can't help feeling that this won't look right, so I'm indulging in a spot of displacement activity.

Last night was one of the co-op's quarterly general meetings and as I was at a decreasing sort of place on my sleeves I decided to take my sari silk (rayon) bag with me to knit instead (less to concentrate on). As it was I spent the first half of the meeting rewinding the yarn as the knitting end had become tangled with the other end. I'd wound the ball on my wool winder and I think it was too loose and had started coming apart. I've sorted it now though and have wound it quite tight with the spare end firmly hidden in the middle. perhaps I'll do some more of that while I contemplate the neckline problem. I've also got to remind myself how to crochet to finish the button band.

The wool I bought for the Moebus scarfs is calling to me as well. I knew I should have put it away rather than leaving it sitting on the singer table!

Bad, bad, ra!

The other productive thing I've done this week is to put my stash into placcy bags. I've snimed some from work (don't worry they'd only get chucked out). They're the zippy ones that close at the top. The Hopi Ear Candles (don't ask) come from the suppliers in them in twenties and we sell them in singles , so if we don't take them out of the bags in the warehouse people pick a big bag of them rather than a small bag. I just liberate the bags.

I've also added some stuff to my sidebar. I've bought a book on bloggy / websitey things in the hope that I can make it more interesting but I have far to many other things to do.

Hmm for a blog that started with not much to report I do seem to have gone on a bit.


Becky said...

Hey there - thanks for your comments on blog - I find the whole photo thing a bit annoying, but hey as you say - it's works so I suppose I can't complain too much !

As far as your picking up stitches problem goes - I generally use a fairly flexible approach to the pattern when picking up stitches - I often find that they tell you to pick up too many or not enough stitches - so I tend to just pick them up where it seems right and as long as I have the right multiple at the end I don't worry too much. I once went on a course at John Lewis on finishing techniques and the lady that took the course said, just pick up the stitches where you want and then on the second row increase or decrease across the row so that you have the right number, sometimes you need to pick up more stitches than you actually need to make sure that you don't get holes. I hope that helps a bit - or have I gone on too much ?! Sorry if I have.

Jess said...

Ah, them hoppi candles... I like them. just read your comment about buttons, and my best friend has a phobia... if the button is on the floor, she has to leave the room and someone has to dispose of it.